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Universal Laws Life Coach - Workbook

Universal Laws Life Coach - Workbook


This accelerator workbook is meant to provide you with a very clear understanding of the universal laws, how they work and how they can be used in the process of transformation and manifestation of your strongest dreams. 

"An Ideal is an Idea That You Fall in Love With..", James Allen used to say and this is the BEST definition of what an ideal or a dream are that we've ever come across. Emotion is the key to fulfilling any desire you have for success and prosperity, and it is closely related to energy, but there are also other factors that tie in together to create an everlasting change. 

Often we see that people din't get what they truly want for different reasons: they don't understand how the universe truly works in their favor, they don't think they deserve it, or simply, nobody was there to help them become aware of their own capacity of creation and manifestation. 

Once you understand how these universal laws apply to everything, you will have a much bigger clarity and an easier path to get to where you want to be! 

You were born RICH! You were born PROSPEROUS! Your were born to be living in harmony and happiness! 

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