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Abundance & Manifestation Coach Certification

​IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL: Develop a strong foundation of how to help your clients become abundant and manifest everything they desire in life. Discover a deep personal why for becoming an abundance and manifestation coach and the numerous benefits and rewards that come with the journey. Prepare for growth to overcome potential challenges that may appear along the way.


Health & Nutrition Life Coach Certification

IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL: Learn powerful motivational techniques and hands-on practical tools to guide your clients to support their emotional, behavioral, physical, and nutritional wellbeing.  Develop a strong foundation of health theory related to human anatomy, nutrition, and physical fitness, so that you can be a confident and effective health and nutrition life coach through this nutrition certification.  Learn core, professional life coaching skills, such as how to develop rapport with your clients, work together to set achievable goals, and support them using powerful communication and questioning techniques and hands-on practical tools.  Learn proper interview and screening methods designed to help you determine a client’s needs and their readiness to change. Plus, you’ll receive detailed fitness and nutrition assessments to use with your clients, allowing you to develop a customized step-by-step nutritional and exercise program that will get them the results they are looking for.  Develop a strong understanding of the psychology of behavioral change so that you can help your clients get past self-defeating habits, avoid relapse, and overcome resistance so they can create lasting lifestyle change.

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