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All You Need to Know For Your Startup Business

Is this course for you? Do You want a hands-on, Practical guide to use to set-up your health or life coaching business? Do you want to learn what would be the best legal business structure to use, what accounting systems to employ and what you need to consider when opening a business bank account? Do you want to learn about different possible business loans and other business money options? Would you like to know how to choose your perfect health or life coaching business name and registering it with the authorities in your state or country? Do you want to learn about available Business Funding methods, both private and institutional, about business credit and creditworthiness, as specific necessary tools to your business success? Do you want to be prepared for business tax season and be aware of all the benefits and all small business tax deductions you can apply to your health or life coaching enterprise? Are you concerned about potential business Liability and are you interested in finding out more about the legal aspects of being in the business as a health or life coach? Do you want to set up healthy and strong roots for a successful business life coaching practice by knowing and implementing the correct business principles, by learning how and why to create a business plan - in any format: traditional or simple, as well as why a strategic plan is a must for your business's growth? You have a dream to own a profitable health or life coaching business and you would love the help of an A to Z course on how to make this happen and how to make money with it? DO you want to learn how you can create your legacy and protect your intellectual property, by understanding trademarks and copyrights? ​ If you answered YES to one or more of the questions above, go ahead and...


We are focusing on entrepreneurship and we like to encourage everyone who crosses our path to follow their inspiration towards the freedom that having successful business offers. Personal development and professional development go hand in hand and are both very important for those who have big dreams!

Business Fundamentals & Startup Coach Certification

In this course you will: Develop a strong foundation of business knowledge related to the health and life coaching enterprise especially focused on the details of setting up your business properly, getting clients and focusing on creating business relationships that last. Discover a deep personal why for becoming an entrepreneur and the numerous benefits and rewards that come with the journey. Learn core, professional business health and life coaching skills, such as how to develop a long lasting rapport with life coaching clients, with your industry peers and potential business partners, work together to set achievable goals, and support them using powerful knowledge and life skills. Develop a strong understanding and knowledge of the business, marketing, social and networking skills needed in order to be successful in this business and to teach others to build their success as well. Prepare for growth to overcome potential business challenges that may appear along the way. ​ This COACHING Business Fundamentals Life Coach Certification course will provide the following: The necessary business tools needed for starting your own health and life coaching business How to build your Business Plan and which plan format to choose from as a coach entrepreneur How to network efficiently, by using all the necessary tools available to you How to Manage Your Time efficiently How to Promote Yourself and your services How to create and read financial statements for your life coaching business How to plan for success from the start and overcome personal fear and other obstacles How to structure your business entity and make it profitable How to create systems so your clients come to you, instead of you chasing them.



In this course you will: Learn powerful sales skills and hands-on practical tools to guide your clients to either support or create from scratch a positive emotional connection to the selling process both from a seller and a buyer perspective. Develop a strong foundation of consumer motivational theory related to what makes a person purchase things, by understanding supply and demand and its direct connection to buyer psychology, neuromarketing, retail therapy, religion, rituals and habits, subliminal messaging and other factors influencing our decisions. Learn core, professional sales coaching skills, such as how to develop a rapport with your clients, work together to set achievable goals, and support them using powerful communication and questioning techniques as well as hands-on practical tools. Learn proper sales skills and sales coaching techniques and coaching evaluation methods designed to help you determine a client's needs and their readiness to develop their emotional intelligence as pertaining to sales and to life, build sales relationships and leaving their ego aside to become the best salespeople they can be. Learn proper sales and closing techniques designed to help you sale coach others, not only through theory, but also through practical applications, daily sales exercises, creating real-life scenarios and role-playing with your clients. Learn the tools to teach your clients to look at sales objections as positive factors in the sales process, and how to turn the most popular objections around and close the sale. Learn the art of prospecting for both you as the sales coach and to teach it to your clients, as it is one of the least perfected and properly used tools in selling to this day, and mastering it will automatically make you and your clients stand out from the crowd. Develop specific voice inflection techniques to use during the sales process and learn the difference betweenresponding vs reacting in any situation, and how beneficial this can be in sales and sales coaching. Plus, you’ll receive samples of sales coaching evaluation questionnaires and rapports to use with your clients, allowing you to develop a customized step-by-step sales coaching program that will get them the results they are looking for. Develop a strong understanding of the psychology of the successful salesperson so that you can help your clients get past their own limiting beliefs, their undesired habits and mindsets in rapport to sales, overcoming resistance so they can create lasting sales relationships through practical changes and the satisfaction of mastering new sales skills.

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