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Coaching Programs offered by Success Coaching Academy

Grow your productivity, your efficiency, focus, resilience, and your abilities to reach your life’s objectives and dreams by enrolling in one of our transformational programs!


Upon graduating the 6 months programs you will have the possibility to become a coach yourself, and if we select you, you can be a part of the Success Coaching Academy team!

Our 6-month long program start periodically

Change Your Mind, Transform Your Life

Applying the Universal Laws

Register now!

Does it happen to you?

  • To be tired or unsatisfied of your 9 to 5 job and you feel like there is more to your life than going to work, coming home and repeating the same unfulfilling pattern every day?

  • Would you love the financial freedom that you dream about, but you have no idea where to start?

  • To be looking every day to your bank account, realizing that you are actually living in a permanent state of lack, and you would like to change that?

  • Often to feel pressure on your shoulders and responsibility towards yourself and others, without knowing how to offer them more, even if you like to?

  • To be already a coach, a mentor, or a leader in your own power who wants to learn a new specialty so you can help your clients better?

  • To be already a coach, a mentor, or a leader in your own power, who wants to find ways in which to feel more confident in your ability to manifest everything you desire in life?

  • Are you looking to change your daily habits of behavior so you can manifest everything you wish for?

  • To feel that most people around you are focused on criticizing everything, having a negative attitude and even though you don't like it, you feel that you owe them to be around?

If you are resonating with one or more of the statements above, know that you are not alone. 


Even though at a conscious mind level you understand reality and how things are and you know that a change is necessary, you also realize that is much easier and faster to NOT do this by yourself and you want guidance and help!


If you want something that you've never had,

you must do things that you've never done.




Many people go through trauma emotionally, mentally, and financially, living in a mentality of scarcity most of their lives! The feelings of not enough money, not enough affection, not enough friendship, not enough LOVE, not enough appreciation, not enough time… are predominant in most people’s current lives!


The consequences of these states of being is that people feel blocked or limited in their power of manifesting an abundant life. 


However, this is not the end of the road. 




In our experience, it's very possible for everybody to change their current situation and to start living in harmony, abundance and bliss. 

Our clients have changed from feeling powerless to experiencing very positive emotions, feeling healthy and with a purpose and a joy of life like never before. 

Unfortunately, when people are caught in the middle of the storm, even though it may seem calm at times, they are unable to have a clear image of everything around them, and that includes themselves.


If you are ready to leave your past behind, and you're ready to raise your consciousness levels and work with the Universe, to embrace who you are and to explore your true possibilities, register for the 6-months long Abundance and Manifestation Course today!


If you are open to explore new ways and new ideas based on which you can build new patterns of behavior and therefore new results for a new life, we are here to offer you support on that path!



All you have to do is decide that you are ready for life -long lasting transformation starting today and register to our programs!


One of the biggest enemies for progress and success is procrastination!

Leave procrastination aside!

You love yourself and you know that you have the capacity to manifest everything you desire! You also know that you are worth it! You deserve it ALL and More! You are born in abundance, to be rich and live a life of Bliss!


Register for our 6-month program today!


At Success Coaching Academy we know how to help you implement the practical steps towards development and evolution of the highest expression of Wealth and Satisfaction possible for you! 


When you have by your side a strong guide, in the form of an experimented coach, when you have intrinsic motivation, when you work on connection to your supreme source of power and energy, when you share your goals and your intentions with people who can understand you and relate to you because they have been or are on similar paths, 


Your ability to reach your desired resonance, abundance and harmony, it's going to manifest in Quantum Leaps!

What can you achieve with our 6-month coaching program?

Are you ready to move forward and to reach new productivity levels? 

Are you ready to reach new focus levels and concentrate on your ability to attract and allow your success in your life?

Are you ready to live a life in abundance, with love, with joy, just as you deserve?


Then it is the time now to take control and start your path towards growth, freedom and Even…. Entrepreneurship!


Join us in November 2023 to Retrain Your Mind and transform your life!


Duration: 6 months (26 weeks) in 3 phases

Start date: November 13

This is the first and most important step towards reaching your full potential and it's also a vital step if you want to become a successful abundance and manifestation coach. You also have the possibility to become a valuable member of our team!


Sign UP today, spaces are limited.

This intensive group coaching program offers UNPRECEDENTED group time (up to 3 times per week!) AND direct access to coach Sanda Kruger for private coaching! This is unheard of in the coaching industry, especially at this price!

What does the course include?

PHASE 1: INTENSIVE -Clarity and self-consciousness – 10 weeks

  • GROUP Coaching: live through Zoom with Sanda Kruger

    • 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:00 PM EST​

    • For those who cannot participate at our live sessions, we will offer access to the recorded videos on our platform.

  • PRIVATE Coaching: ​Work Directly with Sanda Kruger (1 x 60 minutes session per week). Available by request and must be scheduled in advance.

  • SELF-DIRECTED Learning:

    • Access to pre-recorded video lessons offered weekly

    • Access to eBook and Workbook – for activities and exercises offered weekl


PHASE 2: Intensive 21-day Transformational program - Implementing Behavioral Habits - 3 weeks

  • GROUP coaching: daily sessions at 8:00 PM EST

    • ​Recorded sessions will be made available on our platform in case you cannot participate in our live sessions.

  • PRIVATE Coaching: ​Continue meeting with Sanda Kruger, weekly! Available by request and must be scheduled in advance.


    • Access to prerecorded video lessons offered daily

    • Access to eBook and Workbook for daily exercises and activities

  • MAS​TERMINDING: : Introduction to the Power of the Mastermind! Setting Personal and Group and coach Accountability systems!

PHASE 3: Continuity and Accountability - 13 weeks

  • GROUP Coaching: Accountability check + Q&A sessions with Sanda Kruger - every other week

  • PRIVATE Coaching: 2/month with Sanda Kruger. These are made available per request and must be scheduled in advance.

  • MASTERMINDING: : every other week in small groups (pre-determined) 


    • Access to all the prerecorded video sessions of the live Zoom sessions

    • Access to all the prerecorded video lessons which were made available throughout the course.

    • Review of Workbook activities and adjustments as necessary


All course participants will have access to a private Facebook group in which they can share their progress, their intentions and they can exchange impressions and grow together!


At the end of the 6-month program, if you decide that this is for you, you have the ability to obtain your coaching certification and you can start your own coaching business, using THIS PROGRAM in your coaching business!


More than this, you may be offered the opportunity to become part of the Success Coaching Academy Team!

See what's incuded
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The 6-month program is valued at $9000.

However, we decided to give you EVERYTHING for as low as $3997!




We also offer you 3 payment options:

A.   In full - $3997

B.   2 installments of $1998.00 or

C.   3 installments of $1333.00 

D.   6 installments - contact us for details


PAYMENT is made in US dollars on our platform.

Prefer to work one-on-one with Sanda Kruger? Check out private coaching options HERE

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