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Private Coaching

Private coaching sessions are very valuable because the whole attention and work of the coach is focused on you. 

You and the coach together are going to create clarity and establish the necessary specific steps for your particular needs towards the objective you chose!


Our first coaching session (30 minutes) is Always free!

Coaching Menu:


Step 1 - Choose the Area of your life in which you want to create improvements:

  1. Life Transformation based on adopting an Abundance Mindset

  2. Health - The Ketogenic Lifestyle and Intermittent Fasting

  3. Health and fitness - General / BellyCore® Fitness / Aquatic Fitness (AquaCor®-deep water or shallow water)

  4. Entrepreneurship and how to grow your business!

  5. Efficient Sales strategies for your business!


Step 2 - Choose an individual package of sessions:


A. 12 coaching sessions - (60 minutes/each) - 3 months/ 2 sessions /week. 

Price - $2388 ($199/session)

B. 24 coaching sessions – (60 minutes/each) - 6 months/ 2 sessions per week. 

Price - $3576 (149$/session)

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You can also choose:

Our Coaching Concierge Services 

Coach on Demand!

For only 1009$/month you can have access to a coach when you need it*!


(*We reserve the right to make available to you the coach that has time availability, however it may not always be the same coach; we will always do our best to accommodate the day and hour of your requested sessions. With the Concierge package, we offer max 8 session/month. To best serve you, we recommend that you schedule them in advance. You can cancel this concierge membership anytime through a written notice. Please offer us 30 days in advance time to process the requests).

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