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What if you Are Unreasonable?

I was feeling a bit deflated yesterday even though I am being very aligned lately and things are moving in direction of my wishes, however I am human, and sometimes it looks like no matter how much support we receive from the outside, it can never fill in the empty space that needs to filled in from the inside.

So, as I was taking a break from writing for the blog, I checked my emails and.. tears flooded my eyes.. because as usual, the Universe offered me the perfect message exactly when I needed it via an email from Grant Cardone, one of my business growth and financial mentors.

Here is a part of what it said:


I want you to be unreasonable. All progress depends on being unreasonable. Toss away your social upbringing…Throw away the training that holds you back… Develop the capacity to be unreasonable in your pursuit of success. Those who succeed in the marketplace are the rule breakers, the attention getters — the unreasonable ones. This is especially true in tough times. Those who are unreasonable in their pursuit of success set themselves apart in the economy. Those who remain sensible become victims of economic swings and competition. You don’t want to look back on your life and wish you had done more. Most people look back and wish they had really gone after their dreams. They wish they had “swung for the fences.” They wish they had taken the big gamble and really put themselves all out there. So why wait?

Take unreasonable action

Start right now and approach every day as though your future depends on it. Take “over-the-top” action. Operate without the usual logical limits that constrain ordinary people. Get the job done. Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. Focus instead on what it takes to accomplish the task at hand. It’s a shame to see so many people doing only what is necessary to survive when they have their backs up against the wall. The economy you have is only limited by the amount of unreasonable action you take to create it. I encourage you to go overboard with your actions.

It certainly won’t be easy. You’ll probably be criticized, judged, and even ridiculed. These reactions let you know you’re on the right track. I have met thousands of extremely successful people. None of them had success come easily. Many of them didn’t experience success until they realized they needed to act unreasonably to reach their dreams.

Criticism is a sign you are doing it right. Unreasonable people are often criticized.

They take massive action and get things done in the face of negativity, ridicule, and fear.

They make their own rules. They risk breaking the rules to build the life, business, and economy they want. Anyone who has achieved exceptional levels of success has acted irrationally. What if Steve Jobs were reasonable? You wouldn’t have an iPhone. What if Thomas Edison were reasonable? You wouldn’t have lights. What if the Wright brothers were reasonable? You wouldn’t have the power of flight… and I wouldn’t have a jet…”


Grant Cardone

It just made me think:

What if I was reasonable??

I would have been living in mediocrity like most people… I would have told myself to stay in my place, like my father used to say.. I would have blended in; I would have never followed my "crazy" impulse to go ahead and start a business. I would have never paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for my continuing learning. I would have never invested in a property. I would have never gone back to school in the US!! I would have not even been a mother, because I was born with a blood condition and was told I should never have children!

I would have never divorced...

I Am Unreasonable! Because to each I said: I don’t care!! I am going to take the step, assume the risk, and LIVE through honoring myself and following my intuition rather than my reason. Something better is coming!

And this is me…

Now I ask you:

What would you do if you were unreasonable?


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