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Take Control of Your Mind and Life! - Master Class
Take Control of Your Mind and Life! - Master Class

Thu, Feb 16


Zoom Online

Take Control of Your Mind and Life! - Master Class

Many People Function on Auto-Pilot, being Controlled by Old Programs in their subconscious Mind instead of using their Conscious Mind's Higher Capacities for Manifesting their Dreams! Learn about YOUR Mind and How You Can Live a Life in Abundance!

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Time & Location

Feb 16, 2023, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST

Zoom Online

About the event

This intensive masterclass is created to increase your self awareness, while identifying and deactivating your limiting beliefs and mental blockages you may have in your life, especially the ones regarding your financial freedom and prosperity. More than this, it will help you eliminate barriers from ALL aspects of your life, increasing your capacity of living in happiness, joy and discovering your true purpose. 

Our intention for this event is to Guide You towards a clear understanding of your Mental Power by learning how Your Mind Works and what tools you have available for manifestation of every dream you may have. We want to inspire You to Start Believing that You can Be as Rich or as Happy as Your Mind Allows You to be, and if you take control over your mind, than you Assume the Responsibility for your Destiny.

At the same time, our goal is to offer you clarity not only about who YOU are, and YOUR Relationship with Your Mind and Your Higher Self, but ALSO about the Connection and the Role YOU play in the Universe of which you are a very Valuable part! This Universe is governed by a set of Natural Laws which apply to everything, including YOU, the planets, everything you see in nature, animals, plants, even objects and ALL that exists!

When you start recognizing these laws in nature and ALL around you, and you learn how each of them works, you start becoming aware of your role and your connection with this Universe, and you have ALL the necessary tools to eliminate from your life all the negative emotions and conditions: pain, fear, lack of clarity, suffering, lack of trust in yourself and others, scarcity and other "normal feelings" people believe they can't live without. 

We want to inspire in you that Happiness, Joy, Love, Prosperity, Abundance, Freedom, Empowerment, Success ARE, IN FACT the emotions WE ALL are meant to live, and only because you have been conditioned since birth to believe otherwise, you limit your own capacity for the Dream-life that You fully deserve! 

 After this masterclass, with the information received, you will finally be able to feel that your life is flowing easily downstream, instead of feeling constantly that you are swimming against the current, struggling in your day by day life, working hard towards your goals, but feeling like the progress is always too small and too slow. 

The key is to learn How to work with these universal laws and not against them, as they make no exceptions! 

Going against the natural flow of things is futile, and it only creates, struggling, stress, unhappiness, dissapointments, and hardship in life. 

If you feel any of these constantly in any area of your life, this masterclass is perfect for your clarity. 

However, you must be open enough to receive the clarity and start applying it right away!

"An ideal is just an idea you fell in love with", James Allen used to say, and we believe it is the BEST definition of what an ideal truly is because it says an Ultimate truth, which if you understand, your life will be changed forever: your emotional system is the best Guidance System, and in this master class, you will learn how to use it to follow exactly the steps that Your Inner Being is showing you towards success in anything you desire! 

You can matertialize and manifest everything you want if you start applying the principles we offer you in this masterclass!

This series of FREE events will take place on Zoom, and you must register on our platform!

The materials in this masterclass are original, created by Sanda Kruger. It is forbidden to copy and reproduce them for any reason.

Sanda Kruger is a coach entrepreneur and a master trainer in life, health and business coaching. She trained and formed more than 40k new coaches from 175 countries in the last 15 years. Her philosophy is based on the belief that a full transformation is possible for everyone who wishes it badly enough and is open to work on changing their current midset, their beliefs and values which and replace them with new ones that can give them wings and propell them towards Abundance in every aspect of life!

She, and many of her clients are the living proof of this being possible! 



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