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Intro to the Universal Laws - FREE Masterclass
Intro to the Universal Laws - FREE Masterclass

Thu, May 04



Intro to the Universal Laws - FREE Masterclass

Learn who you are in relation to the Universe you live in and how you can apply the Universal Laws for the Abundance you want!

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Time & Location

May 04, 2023, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM


About the event

This masterclass is an intensive experience that aims to bring you a very clear understanding of who YOU ​​are, your relationship with your higher self, and your connection to the Universe of which you are a part.

This Universe is guided by a set of laws that apply to everything and everyone around us, including us.

Once we come to (re)know these universal laws and how they work, and to remember our connection to the Universe itself, of which we are a part and which is a part of us, each and everything, and once we come to connect to the power of the Higher Self, we begin to eliminate from our lives pain, what is pointless, lack of clarity, suffering, shortcomings, fear, mistrust and other negative emotions, which are often based on things that we do not fully understand due to lack of awareness of their causes, but which, most of the time, we accept as normal and part of everyday life.

But this "normality", although common, is not necessary. On the contrary, it is only a result of subconscious programming and keeps us at a distance from our true purpose in life: that of enjoying everything we want, abundance , prosperity, love, happiness, health, success and all the best!

In the masterclass you will get a lot of clarity about how the universe works based on these laws, and after this course it will be much easier for you to apply the laws effectively in your life, so that you will never feel like you are fighting against the current. The basic key here is to learn to work with these laws and not against them, because they are universal, they have no exception, and unfortunately, going against them, although it happens far too often, is an absolutely useless process, which it only creates pain, shortcomings, lack and difficulties in life.

"An ideal is just an idea you've fallen in love with," said James Allen, and we think it's the best definition because it clearly expresses the basic idea that our emotional system is the best guidance system we have. we must follow it and we will talk about these in detail in the masterclass, especially when we get to discuss the law of vibration and the law of universal attraction that go hand in hand and determine how much we can materialize from what we want.

You will also learn about the relationship between freedom, energy and an abundance mindset, and you will understand how to identify, from now on, if you let yourself be guided to take steps closer to your desired goal or, on the contrary, move away from it.

The materials from the presentation for this master class are created by Sanda Kruger and it is forbidden to be copied and reproduced for any reason other than the education of the participants.

Sanda is a master trainer in the field of life, health and business coaching, who fully believes in the fact that a complete metamorphosis is possible for anyone who wants it enough to put in the necessary work to change their current way of thinking, the current beliefs and values ​​that do not use them, and thus the behavioral habits that have brought the respective person to the results so far, but not yet to the fulfillment of dreams. She, like many of the clients she worked with, are clear proof that this transformation is possible!

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