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Startup 101: Fundamentals for Starting a New Business




About the Course

What you'll learn

  • Smart planning to start up your health or life coaching business so you can become financially independent and live your dream

  • Business taxes and deductions and what sales taxes apply in the US and internationally - if you are planning to go online with your services

  • How to get the necessary funds to start your coaching business by learning what is needed for investors, small business grants, or even bank loans if necessary

  • Register your business with the legal authorities, and about licenses, permits, trademarks and copyrights

  • What legal entity is best for your business to operate, based on your tax and liabilities protection needs, as well as the insurance necessary to have

  • Create your own business plan, in the format of your choice: traditional or simple, 1- page plan, and your strategic to project your business growth

Your Instructor

Brian Chung

Brian Chung

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